2.2.4 Website Footprinting

Website Footprinting

  • Website Footprinting referes to monitoring and analyzing the target organization's website for information.
  • Browsing the target website may provide:
    • Software used and its version
    • Operating system used
    • Sub-directories and parameters
    • Filename, path, database field name, or query
    • Scripting platform
    • Contact details and CMS details
  • Use Burp Suite, Zaproxy, Paros Proxy, Website Informer, Firebug, etc. to view headers that provide:
    • Connection status and content-type
    • Accept-Ranges
    • Last-Modified information
    • X-Powered-By information
    • Web server in use and its version
  • Examining HTML source provide:
    • Comments in the source code
    • Contact details of web developer or admin
    • File system structure
    • Script type
  • Examining cookies may provide:
    • Software in use and its behavior
    • Scripting platforms used

Website Footprinting using Web Spiders

  • Web spiders perform automated searches on the target websites and collect specified information such as employee names, email addresses, etc.
  • Attackers use the collected information to perform further footprinting and social engineering attacks.

Mirroring Entire Website

  • Mirroring an entire website onto the local system enables an attacker to browse website offline; it also assists in finding directory structure and other valuable information from the mirrored copy without multiple requests to web server.
  • Web mirroring tools allow you to download a website to a local directory, building recursively all directories, HTML, images, flash, videos, and other files from the server to your computer.

Website Mirroring Tools

Extract Website Information from http://www.archive.org (重要)

  • Internet Archive's Wayback Machine allows you to visit archived versions of websites.

google cache:

Monitoring Web Updates Using Website-Watcher

  • Website-Watcher automatically checks web pages for updates and changes.

Web Updates Monitoring Tools

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