9.5 DoS/DDoS Attack Tools

DoS and DDoS Attack Tool: Pandora DDoS Bot Toolkit

  • The Pandora DDoS Bot Toolkit is an updated variant of the Dirt Jumper DDoS toolkit.
  • It offers five distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack modes.
  • It generates five attack types:
    • HTTP min
    • HTTP download
    • HTTP Combo
    • Socket Connect
    • Max Flood

DoS and DDoS Attack Tools: Dereil and HOIC

  • Dereil: Dereil is professional (DDoS) Tools with modern patterns for attack via TCP, UDP, and HTTP protocols.
  • HOIC: HOIC makes a DDoS attacks to any IP address, with a user selected port and a user selected protocol.

DoS and DDoS Attack Tools: DoS HTTP and BanglaDos

  • DoS HTTP:
    • DoSHTTP is HTTP Flood Denial of Service (DoS) Testing Tool for Windows
    • It includes URL verification, HTTP redirection, port designation, performance monitoring and enhanced reporting.
    • It uses multiple asynchronous sockets to perform an effective HTTP Flood.
  • BanglaDos

DoS and DDoS Attack Tools

DoS and DDoS Attack Tool for Mobile: AnDOSid

  • AnDOSid allows attacker to simulate a DOS attack (A http post flood attack to be exact) and DDoS attack on a web server from mobile phones.

DoS and DDoS Attack Tool for Mobile: Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC)

  • Android version of Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) software is used for flooding packets which allows attacker to perform DDoS attack on target organization.

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