2.2.8 DNS Footprinting

Extracting DNS Information (重要)

  • Attacker can gather DNS information to determine key hosts in the network and can perform social engineering attacks.
  • DNS records provide important information about location and type of servers.
  • DNS Interrogation Tools:
  • Name -> IP
  • IP -> Name
  • Service -> Name
Record Description
A Points to a host's IP address
MX Points to domain's mail server
NS Points to host's name server
CNAME Canonical naming allows aliases to a host
SDA Indicate authority for domain
SRV Service records
PTR Maps IP address to a hostname
RP Responsible person
HINFO Host information record includes CPU type and OS
TXT Unstructured text records
  • Linux host command
  • GET dns.google.com
  • dnsdumpster

DNS Interrogation Tools

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